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hello and welcome to ljungberg_daily, for all your fredrik ljungberg needs. we post pictures, news, and media of him. you must become a member of the community to post. please read the rules before posting your mod is fragrants don't know much about freddie? read the faq

community rules
like all fan communties, we have rules.
please follow them.
001; please respect freddie, members and staff.
002; when posting large images or more than three icons please use an lj cut.
003; no bashing freddie, members or staff.
004; all posts must be freddie related no off topic posts allowed.
005; please do not sell stuff in this community it is forbidden here.
006; please do not say you are freddie, or any of his team mates because we know it isn't them!
007; please enjoy your time and follow the rules.

regarding picture posts using our photobucket account

becoming a moderator
to become staff you must be active and contribute to the community alot. comment this entry and fill out the form.
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Are you a mod in other LJ communities;

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